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Tile Bond Roof Tile Adhesive used for the installation of clay and concrete roof tiles was approved on September 9, 1999 by the Broward County Board of Rules and Appeals.

Tile Bond saves the roofing installer time and money over traditional methods because of its ease of installation and reduction in tile breakage and material costs. Many of the other advantages Tile Bond offers include: superior attachment strength over other methods, eliminates the need for expensive heavy equipment, dispenses consistent quality adhesive, minimizes nail penetrations, reduces roof weight loads, and meets wind speeds up to 140 mph in specific applications.

Tile Bond is the only roof tile adhesive in the industry that meets or exceeds all the UL Class I Listed (ASTM E-84) standards and is Class A (ASTM E-108) rated. In addition, it has also been approved by Metro-Dade.

Tile Bond

NOA NO:06-0417.02

Expires 8/23/11
Refer to this evaluation report for code compliance.

Florida Building Code FL717.1

Tile Bond

Report 2201


Key Features & Benefits

Tile Bond Set tile in record setting time
Tile Bond Portable, disposable one component polyurethane     adhesive
Tile Bond Quick and easy tile installation or repair, saves     valuable labor
Tile Bond Meets up to 140 mph wind speeds in specific     applications
Tile Bond Eliminates nailing on roofs with pitches up to 6:12
Tile Bond Tile Bond Uses two pad placement method
Tile Bond Yield, approximately 750 field tiles
Tile Bond Tile Bond works on all profile tiles
Tile Bond Superior attachment strength over other methods
Tile Bond Eliminates expensive heavy equipment
Tile Bond Reduces tile breakage and material costs
Tile Bond Dispenses consistent quality adhesive
Tile Bond Minimizes nail penetrations
Tile Bond Lightweight material reduces roof load
Tile Bond Easier and quicker to learn than other methods

Building Codes

Tile Bond UL Class I Listed (ASTM E-84)
Tile Bond Class A Rated (ASTM E-108)
Tile Bond Listed with SBCCI
Tile Bond South Florida Building Code - Broward County 1999     Edition
Tile Bond Miami Dade County Product Control Approval under     Acceptance    #06-0417.02 (expires     8/23/2011)


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