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  Insta-Stik is a portable adhesive kit used for attaching roof insulation board in commercial roof applications. Penetrations to the deck caused by mechanical fasteners are eliminated with the use of Insta-Stik.

Key Features & Benefits

Insta-Stik 10 year adhesion warranty
Insta-Stik Labor savings
Insta-Stik No drilling
Insta-Stik No compressed insulation
Insta-Stik No external power source required
Insta-Stik No unsightly fasteners protruding through deck
Insta-Stik No fastener backout
Insta-Stik Maintains structural integrity of the deck
Insta-Stik No deck damage when removing fasteners
Insta-Stik No steel deck corrosion
Insta-Stik No installation noise
Insta-Stik No asbestos abatement required on reroofing
Insta-Stik No need to inventory a variety of fasteners
Insta-Stik No violation of FM fastener pattern
Insta-Stik No interior contamination due to drilling
Insta-Stik Reduced risk of business disruption


Insta-Stik Insta-Stik Complete is supplied in a 30 lb. unit, with a     4 ft. flexible dispensing hose and two 14" PVC     dispensing wands
Insta-Stik Insta-Stik Tank Only is supplied in a 30 lb. unit with no     dispensing equipment


Insta-Stik Multi-Bead Applicator (MBA-28). The MBA-28    dispenses four beads of Insta-Stik within a 4 ft. wide    path. Each MBA-28 is supplied with two Day Pak    Systems
Insta-Stik Day Pak System (DPS-4). The DPS-4 is the    dispensing tubing for the MBA-28. The DPS-4 must    be replaced daily or whenever cured Insta-Stik blocks    or restricts flow within the tubing

Building Codes

Building Codes UL1897. Insulation Adhesive For Roofing Systems. Classified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (Metal Deck Applications  
Building Codes FM Class 1-60 to 1-315 (includes tapered systems). Subject to the conditions and limitations of the FMRC approval.  
Building Codes

Acceptance No.: 99-0825.03

Expires: 9/19/02



Download Insta-Stik Pre-Job Qualification Form Download Insta-Stik Pre-Job Qualification Form



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