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Question: Can I use INSTA-STIK on Steel Decks?

Answer: Yes, as long as it is applied according to Flexible Products Company specifications.

Question: Can I use a vapor barrier? Which one?

Answer: Yes, as long as our in-house laboratory has approved the vapor barrier. A list of approved vapor barriers is available by calling 888 868-1183.

Question: Can I install ISO to concrete deck using INSTA-STIK?

Answer: Yes, as long as it is applied according to Flexible Products Company specifications.

Question: What is the yield out of a tank of INSTA-STIK?

Answer: Each tank of INSTA-STIK® yields approximately 6-8 squares. Remember this is theoretical yield. A thicker bead will result in less yield. Too thin of a bead will result in insufficient coverage for proper adhesion.

Question: What is the maximum size insulation boards I can use with INSTA-STIK?

INSTA-STIK is recommended and warranted for use on 4’ x 4’ square insulation boards ONLY.

Question: Do I always need to do a Pre-Job Qualification site profile?

Yes. In order to purchase INSTA-STIK you must have a job profile number. It is very important that you complete the paper work before the job starts.

Question: What happens if I complete a job and then submit my paperwork? Will I be able to get a warranty?

It is the policy of Flexible Products Company to give no warranty to jobs that are completed before paperwork is submitted. However, you should still complete the paperwork and turn it is as soon as possible. Management, on a case-by-case basis, will review the paperwork. It is possible that a one-time-only waiver may be granted.

Question: What is a Multi-Bead Applicator and how is it used?

Answer: This applicator is used to apply 4 beads of Insta-Stik at the same time. It uses two (2) tanks that feed into a hose assembly (DPS-4). Simply hook everything up and away you go.

Question: How do I shut down a tank of INSTA-STIK so that it can be used the next day?

You shut off the valves then put a sandwich baggie over the open end and tie it on there. Leave the wand with the open end pointing down so the Insta-Stik runs down into the bag and clogs the end. When you are ready to start up just take the ball of foam off the bottom.

Question: What is the shelf-life of a tank of INSTA-STIK?

Answer: 8 months.

Question: What is Roof-Pak?

Answer: This is polyurethane spray foam (see Froth-Pak) used to tie off at night during a rainstorm or as a temporary seal any time you need one.

Question: How many roof tiles can I set with a tank of Tile-Bond®?

Answer: Approximately 750 field tiles.

Question: What is the difference between Spray-N-Grip and INSTA-STIK?

Spray-N-Grip® is a full coverage, cold applied two-component polyurethane spray adhesive. It is applied using our Spider spray rig. INSTA-STIK is a one-component polyurethane adhesive that is supplied in pre-pressurized tanks requiring no external power source.

Question: Can I apply Spray-N-Grip using my old rig or do I have to use the Spider?

Answer: You must use the Spider. It is custom designed to handle the unique properties of the cold applied Spray-N-Grip. No other spray rig or gun has been authorized.

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