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Insta-Pro Foam System is a single component foam sealant used to fill small gaps, cracks or openings. There are a variety of uses in industrial, commercial and residential applications to stop air infiltration. The newly designed Insta-Pro Gun is reusable on multiple cans and has an easy screw on attachment. The Insta-Pro Foam System is durable for reuse, yet economical to replace.

Flamespread: 20
Smoke Developed: 15
Yield: 770 lineal feet (3/8" bead)


Key Features & Benefits

Insta-Pro New, easy to screw on attachment
Insta-Pro Lightweight dependable plastic gun
Insta-Pro No solvents or maintenance necessary
Insta-Pro Positive shutoff to eliminate drips
Insta-Pro Consistent quality, even flow
Insta-Pro Adjustable bead sizes with the pull trigger
Insta-Pro Comfortable grip designed to fit your hand
Insta-Pro Non-sticking mechanical valve for reusability
Insta-Pro Ideal for sealing around windows and doors
Insta-Pro Prevents air infiltration / exfiltration
Insta-Pro Stops drafts, pests, smoke and odors
Insta-Pro Bonds aggressively to most surfaces
Insta-Pro Creates a durable airtight seal
Insta-Pro Provides insulation and sealant benefits
Insta-Pro Improves comfort and saves energy costs
Insta-Pro Tack free in minutes
Insta-Pro Ready to trim in less than an hour


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Insta-Pro Insta-Pro Foam System 24 oz.

Building Codes

Insta-Pro ICBO
Insta-Pro BOCA
Insta-Pro SBCCI
Insta-Pro CCMC #08239-R
Insta-Pro U.L. Classified Caulking     and     Sealants R-13655
Insta-Pro HUD Section 507-6
Insta-Pro ASHRAE 90-75

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