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Question: Is it possible to insulate cold storage trailers with polyurethane foam?

Answer: Yes, Flexible Products Company makes spray-on polyurethane foam called Froth-Pak ®.

Question: Will polyurethane foam stop the condensation on the trailers?

Answer: Yes, if the proper application rate and amount of foam are used.

Question: Is the Froth-Pak fire-retardant?

Answer: The 25FS version of the Froth-Pak (available in the 180 and larger kits) is considered to be fire retardant. It will burn if exposed to open flame, but it is self-extinguishing when the source is removed.

Question: What product is best for filling voids in my boat’s hull/pontoons?

Two-component froth foams like the Froth-Pak make excellent flotation foams due to their low density and high closed-cell content. Care should be taken not to spray too much foam into enclosed voids as the post-expansion may rupture the hull.

Question: How do I get foam off my skin?

Answer: There is no solvent that will remove cure polyurethane foam. It will not harm your skin and will wear off in several days. To remove cured foam from skin quickly use a pumice stone (available at most drug stores) and warm, soapy water.

Question: How do I get foam off of the side of my trailer?

Answer: Remove as much of the foam as possible with a dull scraper or a hacksaw blade and then try scrubbing the remaining film with a nonabrasive cleaner. If that does not work gradually move up to more aggressive means until you start to damage the trailer skin. At that time you will have to consider sanding or sandblasting and repainting.

Question: Can I use polyurethane foam to glue fiberglass liners to the inside of my trailer?

Answer: Yes. Flexible Products Company makes a special adhesive called INSTA-GRIP® designed specifically for that application.

Question: How is INSTA-GRIP applied?

Answer: To apply INSTA-GRIP first lay the liner flat on the floor and dispense a 1" bead of adhesive according to the instructions. Let sit for about 2- 5 minutes then apply the liner to the wall of the trailer. You must use load to hold the liner in place.

Question: How much time do you have for INSTA-GRIP to set up?

Answer: You want to keep applying pressure to the insulation, but it should set up within 20 minutes.

Question: How much INSTA-GRIP is in a tank?

Answer: INSTA-GRIP comes in 10 and 23 lb. tanks.

Question: How much foam is in a Froth-Pak?

Answer: The theoretical yield of two-component Froth-Pak’s is listed below:

Froth-Pak 180 kit @ 1.75 pcf density = 200 board feet or 16.6 cubic feet
Froth-Pak 180 kit @ 2.75 pcf density = 115 board feet or 9.6 cubic feet
Froth-Pak 600 kit @ 1.75 pcf density = 600 board feet or 50 cubic feet
Froth-Pak 600 kit @ 2.75 pcf density = 400 board feet or 33.3 cubic feet
Many other densities and kit sizes are available. Call 888 868-1183 for more information.

Question: Are there any sizes larger than the Froth-Pak 600 kit?

Answer: Yes. Froth-Pak spray insulation foam is available in refillable, returnable tanks as well. These tanks are owned by Flexible Products and are returned when empty. Sizes available include 17, 60, 120, and 350-gallon sets.

Question: Can Froth-Pak be shipped UPS?

Answer: Yes. The Froth-Pak 600 and smaller kits may be shipped by UPS Ground or Air (with special documentation).

Question: What is the lowest temperature at which Froth-Pak can be dispensed?

Answer: 40 F. The contents of the tanks should be as close to room temperature (70 F) as possible when dispensed.

Question: What is the maximum temperature that the cured foam can handle?

Answer: 240 F. If the air temperature or substrate is any hotter than that the foam will become a fire hazard.

Question: Is Froth-Pak foam paintable?

Answer: Yes. We recommend Froth-Pak foam be painted if it is exposed to ultra violet light.

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